I help experts to leverage the power of video so they can grow their audience and build their authority without getting overwhelmed by the video production process.

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WELCOME TO YOUR SITE.  I say your site because everything on this website has been built specifically for you to help you grow your audience and authority with video.

Whether your expert skills are seen as
A Coach helping clients move from a struggle to a transformation.
A Speaker talking on various stages and in business.
An Author promoting your work or
A Trainer teaching Personal development.

You have the skills and knowledge that people need and the best tool for reaching them is online with video.

Whether it’s mindset and confidence in front of the camera, the tech side things or video strategy.
It’s all about YOU.



I’m a Videographer turned Video Coach.  I have spent 17 years behind the camera and my laptop screen producing and creating engaging videos for my clients and businesses.

I have moved from behind the camera to in front of the camera.  Now to be absolutely honest with you this transition was not as easy as I thought it would be


Standing in front of the camera and sharing your message can seem daunting and very scary at first but with a bit of help and strategy you can stand out above your competitors.

Bottom Line!  You have a message that could change someone’s life and using video will establish YOU as the expert. 

YES! I'm ready to discover how to use videos to grow your online coaching practice without all the overwhelm and how to choose which videos you should consider making first, to maximize your impact online! Please send my Free eBook now...